Meet Sexy Fourth Grade teacher Patrice Brown who looks like Beyonce

- 9/17/2016
Without a doubt, she looks like Beyonce. But does she look too sexy to teach grade school?

Social media is circulating photos of Atlanta sexy fourth grade teacher Patrice  Brown
Sexy Fourth grade teacher Patrice Brown
This has re-ignited the age old debate of whether it's okay to have elementary school teachers who every single dad and male teacher at school dream about. Classic public education debate. 

No kidding—she looks like Beyonce. Brown is being compared favorably to Beyonce because she has great booty and curves and wears form fitting dresses to teach her nine-year old students. 

But it seems the Beyonce comparison ends right there, because she probably wouldn't know what to do if she found herself in a music video, or in front of a huge crowd of adoring fans. 

Critics on both sides have lined up. Those who feel it's inappropriate for a teacher like Patrice Brown to dress for school like a Celebrity sex symbol versus those who reflexively equate any criticism of a woman's appearance or dress as sexist patriarchal maniacal slave culture body shaming. 

The latter will explain how it's up to men, starting as fourth grade boys, to learn that natural instincts can cloud our judgment and overshadow common sense, and ultimately lead us to vote for curvaceous women to wear a lose sackcloth, and for women with straighter edges to dress whichever way they like. Either way it isn't fair because nature endows—we don't. 


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