Michelle Obama talks Beyonce during Stephen Colbert interview

- 9/23/2016
From the way Michelle Obama talks about Beyonce and vice versa, you can tell they are big fans of each other, as revealed during an interview.
Michelle Obama talks about Beyonce
The stylishy correct First Lady was looking trendy as always when she sat down with Stephen Colbert on Tuesday night to answer perhaps the greatest question of our generation: 

You guessed right! 

"What is Beyoncé really like?" The first lady, who Stephen quite rightly referred to as "Beyoncé's Beyoncé," was happy to spill details about her friend, joking that "you shouldn't look her in the eye" and that Queen Bey is exactly the kind of person we all hoped. "She's a sweetheart, she's smart, she's creative, she's a great mother, and she loves her family,"

They are similar in many ways. Michelle revealed. "She's a real low-key lady, so we have a lot in common that way."

Its great to get humble and positive comments from the most powerful woman in America—even if she's  a good friend of yours. 

The questioning then inevitably shifted to the big man. After basking in the glory of her comments, Stephen also got her to admit that she and her daughters, Sasha and Malia, all do impressions of President Barack Obama at the dinner table and even busted out her own spot-on version of her husband. 

It was a hilarious and quite realistic impression of her husband. 

In case you needed yet another reason to love the Obamas, this is it.

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