Model Bella Hadid falls on runway during Michael Kors show(photos)

- 9/14/2016
Fashion Model Bella Hadid sister of Gigi joined the unique, if unfortunate group of models who have stumbled and fell as they gyrated down the runway.
Bella Hadid falls on the catwalk
She's a professional used to walking the runway but check out these photos taken on Wednesday as Bella Hadid falls mid way through the Michael Kors show.
Fashion model Bella Hadid falls on the runway
She tripped over her six inch heels in front of several shocked members of the audience. The 19-year-old was left on all fours after falling over her six inch heels as she strut her stuff on the catwalk in New York.
19 year old model Bella Hadid falls over
She completed her walk with admirable composure. But although it could have been an embarrassing experience for young Bella the model proved to be a consummate professional, finding her feet before finishing off her walk.
Gigi Hadid's sister Bella Hadid falls midway at Michael Kors show

Celebrity guests were spotted in shocked poses as the elegant model fell. During her fall the fashion-conscious guests on the FROW, including the likes of Emily Blunt and Sienna Miller could be seen wincing as they watched Bella take her tumble.

Thankfully the teenager found it a bit amusing. The teen appeared to laugh as she hit the floor. 

Gigi's sister took the incident in her stride and was seen giggling as she landed.

Bella wasn't the only famous face to walk in the Kors show - with Kendall Jenner also appearing in the line-up.

As for Bella, her fall is unlikely to hinder her career with some of the biggest names in modelling falling foul of a trip up on the runway.

One of the most memorable of these being Naomi Campbell. 


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