Nicole Scherzinger moves on with tennis player Grigor Dimitrov after Lewis Hamilton split

- 9/24/2016
Nicole Scherzinger moves on with  Grigor Dimitrov. The singer isn't kidding around. She understands the boyfriend game.

After her breakup with formula one champion Lewis Hamilton, she wasted no time in hooking up with tennis bad boy, 25 year old Grigor Dimitrov. 

Nicole Scherzinger and Grigor Dimitrov
She moves among and between successful professional athletes in non-contact sports.

The former Pussycat Doll transitioned mostly recently into Bulgarian tennis player Grigor Dimitrov. He was the highest ranking men's tennis player in the world not already dating a younger version of Nicole Scherzinger. 

His career earnings on the tour is in excess of six million by age twenty-five. and he claims that "he loves children". That is quite a catch! 
Or is it? 

The tennis ace has a impressive record of dating and relationships that make his tennis accomplishments seem like a joke. 

For Nicole, Self-made, independent woman means many things to many women. To the women at thirty-eight who realize their days of wearing tight revealing dresses on television for a living quickly come to an end, it means not forgetting all the things that women knew instinctively before Cosmo came around. 

We're all in careers that favor the young. Build your own parachute—even if its a leaky one right? 

Unfortunately not more often wrong than right. 

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