Nigeria's Women affairs Minister Jummai Alhassan faints in Adamawa state

- 9/21/2016
As if things are not difficult enough for Nigerians, they also now have to contend with the poorly managed ill health of its public officials, as well as their underachievement and poor performance in office.
Nigeria's Women affairs Minister Jummai Alhassan faints
Confusion rocks, as Nigeria’s Women Affairs Minister Jummai Alhassan Minister Faints  While Delivering Buhari’s Message At IDPs Camp. 

She passed out in front of the media personnel. Aisha Jummai Alhassan, Women Affairs & Social Development Minister caused panic yesterday when she suddenly slumped at an IDPs (Internally Displaced People) camp in Fufore LGA of Adamawa state.

She should have been in hospital or at home, not on official duty. The female politician was on a 2-day official visit to the state when she slumped while delivering a message for President Buhari.
Fortunately, It was a tragedy averted. But the episode that could have led to a national tragedy was averted by the swift intervention of her aides and camp officials who administered first aid on her.

She was actually recuperating from surgery and needed aid to walk. It was gathered that barely few minutes after walking into the hall with the aid of crutches, Alhassan, who recently had an operation for an undisclosed ailment, slumped.

She was immediately assisted by some of her aides who got a chair and helped her to sit down on it.

Her aides, particularly the women, used their wrappers, bucket and dustbin covers and whatever they could lay their hands on, to fan the ailing minister.

The typical Nigerian way of handling political scandals. At this point, journalists who were already inside the hall, were ordered to leave the hall by her security aides.

A camp source told journalists that some bottles of Coca-Cola were given to the minister, which she reportedly drank “to increase her blood sugar level.”

After she was stabilised, Alhassan was hurriedly driven out of the Fufore IDP camp to where she lodged to have a rest. 

Clearly she was in no condition to work and failed in her attempt to do so, due to health issues that required close medical attention. 


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