Prince Harry's blade runner British hero competes in Rio 2016 paralymics

- 9/04/2016
This is a heart warming story of horrible tragedy turned to pure joy.

Meet the man; the heroic double amputee with heart of a lion and legs of steel. 

Prince Harry's hero the Blade runner Dave Henson will be going for gold in the Rio Paralympics. 

Britain's blade runner Dave Henson

But he is a man already blessed with the greatest prizes of his life – the loyalty of the woman who remained devoted to him after he lost both legs on the battlefield, and their miracle baby. Horrific life altering injuries left him in a state of utter despair. He didn't want to burden anyone else with his forever changed life. 

He offered her a way out. As a double amputee, the former Army bomb disposal expert offered his university sweetheart Hayley her freedom, unwilling to see her bound to him by guilt or pity.
Dave Henson British soldier turned Paralymic blade runner

She refused, later accepting a Christmas Day fireside proposal of marriage. Now, thanks to sperm rescued from Henson as military surgeons battled to save him, the couple are parents to 18-month-old daughter Emily Rose.

Happy family. Both mother and daughter will be watching him sprint for Britain in Rio 2016 paralymics next week – flying the flag for the country to which he has already given so much. And while he remains a deeply private man, he reveals his gratitude by admitting he would not have made such a stunning recovery without them.

Only such love and devotion can raise beauty and hope out of ashes of pain. 


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