See how Rihanna's pinky finger at the VMAs took social media by storm

- 9/04/2016
Rihanna's pinky finger at the VMAs has recently gotten more attention than her outstanding performances at the awards.

Even rapper Drake's confessions of love for Rihanna has been overshadowed by that confusing image of one little pinky finger. 

Rihanna performance at the VMAs

She bewitched audiences with her energetic performance and flirty sparks with Drake onstage during the VMAs. But dazzled them much more with something entirely unscripted or even remotely romantic. 

But beady-eyed fans were still quick to notice one small but peculiar phenomenon about Rihanna as she sang her heart out onstage - her oddly twisted little finger.

Social media was mystified by that finger. Twitter erupted with fascination over the 28-year-old's pinky, with one user even exclaiming that it looked like her finger was 'having an exorcism'.
Rihanna's pinky finger at the VMAs

The discovery came after the camera panned over the Work singer's face as she performed and towards her hand raised above her head.

The furore began when one user wrote soon after: 'Can someone please get ahold of a picture of Rihanna's broken pinky from the VMA's for me?' 

As fans began to take note of the seemingly distorted looking digit, other users couldn't help but express their obsession with the image.  

One user even confessed his obsession in vivid terms. Georgia Parry confessed: 'got 4 million things to do but instead am just staring at Rihanna's pinky finger.' 

This is probably the first time a star's finger has overshadowed the star, in what was actually a very fulfilling night for the stunning Barbadian singer. 


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