Sprinter Usain Bolt reunites with girlfriend Kasi after cheating on her

- 9/06/2016
Bolt is back! But not for gold. This time he's back for the girlfriend whom he cheated on several times in two different countries, just after his historic medal haul in Rio Olympics 2016.
Usain Bolt reunites with girlfriend

After a bolt of reality,Sprinter Usain Bolt reunites with his girlfriend of two years. 

Olympic winning Sprint King Bolt might have cheated on his girlfriend, Kasi Bennett with other ladies BUT he doesn't care about anyone's opinion. Bolt shared the photo above of Kasi on their vacation together, and the tag on it states clearly that only her opinion matters to him.

The legendary sprinter seemed to go wild just after his remarkable Olympic display. 

He went on a euphoria fueled sex spree with different women, casting aside the beautiful romance he has with the woman he calls his queen. 

Well she lost her crown to so many other women as the Champion sprinter went on several intimate dates from Rio to London. 

Now it seems the waters are calm again and the charismatic athlete is back with his real queen. 

There might be a dent in the crown, but its still a crown right? 

After all , what are vacations for? 

Bolt made history at the Olympic games by becoming the first man in history to win three consecutive 100 meter gold medals. This took his Olympic medal haul to an incredible 9 gold medals. 


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