These men and women make up List of best dressed people in the world 2016

- 9/10/2016
With so many great dressers in the world of the celebrity rich and famous, coming up with a fair list of the best dressed people in the world can be a quite a task indeed.
Best dressed people in the world 2016

But after sifting through the super amazing pile of gorgeously dressed people, Vanity fair magazine have come up with a list that makes the heart flutter. 

Here are some of the people on the list if best dressed people in the world for this year. 

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau joined Barack and Michelle Obama, Lady Gaga, members of the British Royal family and actors Idris Elba, Fan Bingbing and Helen Mirren on Vanity Fair's latest edition of the International Best-Dressed List.

The magazine released the 2016 edition this week, with Trudeau among the figures lauded for their style. 

Literary celebrity; Nigerian writer Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie, U.S. Vice-President Joe Biden, original Hamilton star Leslie Odom Jr., NFL player Victor Cruz, British actress Tilda Swinton and royals from Netherlands and Denmark also feature on the 2016 list.

A section reserved for iconic style heavyweights. The list included special sections to acknowledge style stalwarts such as Queen Elizabeth II, Kate, the Duchess of Cambridge and the late Audrey Hepburn.

Incredible history spanning several decades. The annual International Best-Dressed list dates back to 1940, when it was founded by American fashion industry pioneer Eleanor Lambert has been the paramount register of the world’s most fashionable figures.

Each year, the I.B.D.L. arbiter reviews the lives and the looks that have defined the year to make their selections. Those who become perennial additions and have displayed exceptional style throughout the years can be named to the prestigious Hall of Fame.

The list of best dressed people in the world 2016 showcases remarkable style and fashion excellence from diverse groups of people from different countries. 

This fact makes it an altogether colourful and captivating list. 


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