This is the USS Zumwalt the deadliest destroyer ever built in the history of man

- 9/09/2016
Look its a fishing boat? No Its not; its an American sea destroyer. And yes its technology is so advanced it shows up on enemy radar as a fishing boat.
Sea destroyer USS Zumwalt
The futuristic American destroyer, named the USS Zumwalt, is the naval version of a stealth bomber and is the deadliest destroyer vessel ever built in the history man. 

Amazing assault capabilities. It has hidden guns, designed to attack its enemies at a range of more than 60 miles, and is reported to have cost US taxpayers a whopping £3.3billion.
American destroyer USS Zumwalt

The Zumwalt has been described as the Starship Enterprise of the seas, due to its incredible array of high-tech features – and also (you won't believe this) because it is captained by a man named James Kirk.

The best stealth technology ever employed on a sea vessel. Its angular shape was designed to minimise its radar signature, while it’s wave-piercing hull and British-built state-of-the-art electric propulsion system makes it so stealth-like that submarine sonar can find it impossible to detect.

Destructive fire power. It is capable of firing 600 rocket-powered projectiles at its targets. Two more ships in the class are currently in production at Bath.

The ultimate backup for ground troops. They are designed to support ground forces in land attacks, in addition to the usual destroyer missions of anti-air, anti-surface and under-sea warfare.

The USS Zumwalt has cost £3billion
Although 100ft longer than traditional destroyers, it carries the smallest company of any such ship since the 1930s due to its advanced technology.

Most have a crew of 300, but despite being 610ft in length, the new ship requires only 147.

The destroyer which took 5 years to build will make its maiden 3 month voyage to its new home—the port of San Diego. 


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