This Paris Jackson's selfie shows Michael Jackson alive at the back seat of her car

- 9/05/2016
Check this out, I8 year old Paris Jackson shared a photo on Instagram which has sparked theories and conspiracy theories that her dad — who died in 2009 — Michael Jackson is alive and well and probably hiding out somewhere... watching the world mourn him.
Paris Jackson selfie of Dad micheal Jackson
Michael in the back seat of his daughter's ride? Fans have claimed the shadowy figure in the back of the car is Michael and an online video now attempts to prove the king of pop is alive. 

The video has gone viral. The two minute-long video has been viewed more than 350,000 times and starts with an animated graphic featuring clips of Jackson as the word “Believe” fades into view.

It shows screenshots of Paris Jackson selfie and ends with a close up of the photo which appears to bring the Thriller singer’s face into focus.

Its a bit eerie, because it raises the simple question—if Michael Jackson is alive and keeping a low profile, then why was he riding in his daughter's car in broad daylight? 

In the caption to the photo, posted on May 4, 2016 and taken in Joshua Tree, California, Paris writes: “If you give a little love, you can get a little love of your own.”

Countless comments from social media. Comments on Paris’ post suggest fans believe it to be Michael in the back of the car. 

Here are some of the comments;

One wrote: “Omg is that michael in the back????”

Another wrote: “Michael in the back?”

Some others are more sceptical and pointed out the figure could simply be the car’s headrest — or that the image has been superimposed.

The selfie comes after a video emerged earlier this year claiming to show new images of Jackson taken in a crowd during 2016.

The video — called “Michael Jackson appears after seven years (2016) with proof” — claims that the superstar could be hiding out in Canada or Africa.

How incredible is that? 

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