Beyonce hurts herself and bleeds during Tidal X concert

- 10/18/2016
Without a doubt, Queen Bey is one tough lady! 

Superstar singer Beyonce hurt herself and bled  during Tidal X performance and didn't even panic. 
Beyonce cuts her ear and bleeds
During her performance at the Tidal X 1015 show in Brooklyn on Saturday, the singer's gorgeous, mile-long braid appeared to catch on one of her earrings, ripping it straight out and causing her ear to bleed.

Impressively kept her cool. Rather than panic, however, Queen Bey didn’t even flinch. After subtly running a finger over her ear to confirm the bleeding while singing "Haunted," Bey continued whipping her hair back and forth without a care in the world — because she’s BeyoncĂ©, and it’s going to take a lot more than a little blood to keep her from doing what she does best.
Singer Beyonce bleeds during Tidal X concert

The show was a super success inspite of the incident. 

We hope Beyonce gets her ear fixed, so she could roll out that amazing body intact for her next performance. 
In the mean time we marvel at her calm under fire. 


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