Case of two 11 year old boys buried alive reopened with new evidence

- 10/17/2016
Over three decades ago two 11 year old boys were buried alive and later died in hospital.
Two 11 year old boys murdered and buried

The killer was never found. But now after 36 years, new evidence that has surfaced.

With this new development, Police have reopened their investigation into the murder of two best friends 36 years ago.

A grisly incident that still haunts the minds of those who witnessed it. 11-year-old boys John Greenwood and Gary Miller were beaten and buried alive on a rubbish tip in Whiston, Merseyside in August 1980.

Brutally beaten to death. Both died later in hospital and post mortems revealed they had suffered head injuries.
John Greenwood and Gary Miller were beaten to death
Detectives have now made a fresh appeal for information after The Sunday Times uncovered new witnesses.

Unimaginable grief was suffered by the families involved. Speaking on behalf of both families John Greenwood’s sister Deborah Lewis said: “Losing the boys in such an horrific way was devastating for both families and has been heartbreaking to cope with.

"The fact that no-one has been convicted for their murders has made it so much harder.

“For 36 years we have lived with the frustration and the fear that we could be sitting next to their killer on a bus, or walking past them on the street.

“The murder of a child in a family causes so much pain to everyone, the very least we deserve is to find the evil person that did this and put them behind bars.

“Both the Greenwoods and the Millers are united in their fight for justice and we are supported by family and friends and local people.
36 years ago two 11 year old boys were buried alive
“More than 2,000 people have joined my Facebook page to show their support for our fight for justice for John and Gary.”

In a heart wrenching murder, both John Greenwood and Gary Miller were buried alive on a rubbish tip in Whiston, Merseyside

During the initial investigation, John Cheeseman, from Prescot, was arrested and charged with the murder of both boys but was subsequently found not guilty following a trial at Liverpool Crown Court.

Police are appealing for more witnesses. Investigators from the Serious Crime Review Unit are appealing for anyone who saw John Greenwood and Gary Miller on Saturday, 16 August 1980, to come forward and talk to the police as information they have could be vital to the investigation.

The boys were found by a dog walker under a mattress on the site of a disused colliery on Pottery Lane which had been turned into a rubbish tip. The area is now Stadt Moers Park.


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