Devious Angelina Jolie plots to drag Jennifer Aniston into divorce battle with Brad Pitt

- 10/14/2016
The Brangelina divorce gets even dirtier as Angelina Jolie plots to drag Jennifer Aniston into her divorce  battle with Brad Pitt.
Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt divorce gets ugly
In an explosive divorce feud that has seen the Vicious side of Jolie surface with devastating results, Brad has mostly been on the receiving end.

“Angelina intended to have her legal team subpoena and depose Jen,” an insider revealed. “She wanted to have her grilled regarding Brad’s past drug and alcohol abuse.”

Merciless tactic. The cutthroat Tomb Raider star also threatened to have her attack dogs give Aniston the third degree about whether Pitt had anger issues.

“It was a devious and ruthless move on Angie’s part,” dished the insider.

Fortunately, it didn't work out the way she had hoped. Pitt, 52, headed off Jolie, 41, by voluntarily agreeing to a temporary agreement with the Los Angeles County Department of Children and Family Services .

The agreement, which lasts only until Oct. 20,  gives Jolie full physical custody of their six kids.
Angelina Jolie planned to drag Jennifer Aniston into divorce court
As for Pitt, he only gets visitation — but in the initial visit, a therapist has to be present — and he is subject to random drug and alcohol testing.

Zero advantages for the Troy actor. “Brad was in an impossible situation. No matter what happened, there was nothing positive in it for him.” Celebrity divorce attorney Raoul Felder stated.

“The charges that have been made against him may or may not be based in fact. We still don’t know — and Angelina’s played him like a violin,” added the lawyer.

Angelina had made it clear to Brad from the start that if he intended to contest the child custody arrangement in court, she would fight dirty.

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