Horror as Coach Harry Redknapp Runs over his wife with in Range Rover

- 10/21/2016
In a shocking freak accident that left witnesses horrified, football coach Harry Redknapp ran over his wife his Range Rover.
Epl football coach Harry Redknapp
The Tottenham, West Ham, Southampton, Portsmouth and QPR manager Redknapp, 69, on Tuesday accidentally used his Range Rover to run over his wife Sandra, also 69, after he dropped her off at the shops.

He didn't know the jeep's door had trapped his wife. Her coat got trapped in the door leaving her foot still in the Range Rover’s footwell as he drove away at Westbourne, Bournemouth.

By the time the devastated coach stopped the car, it was already too late. Redknapp halted his car's movement, but by the time his wife had already screamed in agony and was left bloodied and seriously injured.

Some people nearby who witnessed it, gave their own version of the horrific incident.
One eyewitness speaking to Sun UK said: “I was in a shop and a couple of people came in and said, ‘Crikey, there’s a lady who’s been dragged along the road’.

“Then someone else came in and said it was Harry Redknapp who had just dropped his wife off.
“I heard as he drove off she got her coat caught in the door. She was dragged along the road before he realised.
Harry Redknapp Runs over his own wife
“I think she has been badly injured.”

Blood and devastation marked the accident scene. There was a lot of blood on the tarmac and Harry was beside himself
One witness said: “There was a lot of blood on the tarmac and Harry was beside himself.

“It was just a freak accident.”

It appeared the Veteran Epl football manager drove away before his wife was completely clear of the car door. Another shopper said: “I was told Harry pulled up to let his wife out but before she had completely got out, he went to pull away and she fell over.

“He moved his car out of the way so the ambulance could get to her and then he got in the ambulance with her.


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