Married Zimbabwean policeman commits suicide after girlfriend left him

- 10/23/2016
Through one deadly and unexpected act, a cop in Zimbabwe proved that life and marriage mean absolutely nothing—at least that's what he felt.
Zimbabwean policeman commits suicide

A Zimbabwean policeman committed suicide after his girlfriend dumped him.

The cop who was identified as Constable Marapira, hung himself  after being dumped by his girl friend.

As it has become common these days, social media played a vital role in the orchestration of his gruesome death. Marapira sent a WhatsApp message to his girlfriend Clarice Sagiya, on Wednesday night, directing her to where to find his body.

According to reports, the victim, who was stationed at Masvingo Rural Police Station in Zimbabwe; said he funded Sagiya’s education, noting that she is a final year trainee teacher at Morgenster Teacher’s College.
It was revealed that this incident followed after Clarice’s decision to dump him on claims that she couldn’t be with a police officer anymore as he wouldn’t afford her upkeep.

Unable to take the heartbreak, the officer responded by killing himself a few metres off the Mvuma-Gweru Road on Wednesday night.

Obviously seeking her attention with the act, he first sent one message earlier. Reports revealed that Marapira sent message about his intended suicide at about 21:59PM to Miss Sagiya’s Econet line. The message read:

 “Vanhu vasanetseke kutsvaga body yangu. Mukasvika paMvuma vanotena ne Gweru road less than a kilometre pane mota pa side pe road chisango to the left (don’t bother yourselves looking for my body. When you get to Mvuma, turn towards Gweru. Less than a kilometre away, there is a car by the road side to the left,” the victim wrote.

With no response from her, at about 12 minutes later that night, the victim sent a second and final message which read;

“Ndafira Clarice Sagiya, meaning; (I died because of Clarice Sagiya)."

Miss Sagiya supposedly took her phone with the messages to a police station, and they headed to the location where the victim had hung himself.
But some others believe that all is not as it appears to be. Reports say that Cst Marapira’s family suspects that the victim was killed.
Policeman in Zimbabwe kills himself
Efforts to get a comment from Miss Sagiya were fruitless as a man kept answering her phone and saying he was far from where she was, reports say.

However, the strangest thing about this incident is that it is the second suicide of a police officer in 2 days,.

The current suicide case came in barely two days after a senior officer at Bulawayo’s Westgate Police Station was suspected to have killed himself by shooting. Chief Inspector Edgar Dube (50), the Officer-in-Charge of the Police Protection Unit at Westgate, used a service pistol to shoot himself on Tuesday morning. Reports say.

In his own case, he didn’t leave a suicide note behind, rather a Bible, opened to Romans Chapter Two, was found beside his body.
Here is what the hair raising first verse reads:

“You, therefore, have no excuse, you who pass judgment on someone else, for at whatever point you judge another, you are condemning yourself, because you who pass judgment do the same things,” reports say.

Investigation into the two police officer suicides continue.


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