Nigeria earthquake warning by space agency(video)

- 10/16/2016
In a world where previously unaffected areas and countries are now being hit by earthquakes, it is no big surprise that there has been a Nigeria earthquake warning.
Nigeria earthquake warning

Expert earthquake analysis by Nigeria's space agency.  The National Space Research and Development Agency, NASRDA, has warned that the recent occurrence of earth tremors in some towns in Kaduna and Oyo were signs that Nigeria is prone to a bigger and higher magnitude earthquake.

Nigeria—no longer an earthquake safe country. Seidu Mohammed, NASRDA’s director general disclosed this at a public presentation of remote and immediate causes of the tremor in some Kaduna communities in Abuja on Thursday, October 6, 2016. He said it was no longer true that high magnitude earthquake could not occur in Nigeria.

Mohammed said “disturbingly, the recent earth tremors in Shaki in Oyo State, and some communities in Bayelsa and Rivers states as well as in communities in Kwoi, Jaba LGA of Kaduna states are warning signs of a bigger occurrence”.

Nature's ways have changed and it showed this by affecting several states in Nigeria.

“The causes of the tremor in Kwoi and its environs in Kaduna state were natural”, he said.

“The earthquake could be attributed to the stress released from the fault systems of the area”, he added.
Space agency warns Nigeria of earthquake
High risk areas. Mohammed said underneath rocks where the communities were sitting on might have made a very little shake which was felt by the communities.

Several states were affected. Also contributing  Tahir Yakubu, director, Centre for Geodesy and Geodynamics (CGG), Toro, Bauchi state,  said though a bigger and higher magnitude earthquake may occur in or around the country because of the tremors.

Call to action. “But the government should take this serious and provide the centre with advanced equipment and facilities to enable us monitor the earth activities within and around Nigeria”, he said.

The officials, however, said residents in Kwoi communities were safe and do not need to flee.
Not restricted to the North as tremors were also experienced in the south South. It is to be recalled that earlier in July and August this year, Rivers and Bayelsa communities also witnessed tremor incidents.

However Kaduna has been the worst hit state in recent times.

Hopefully the Nigerian government will take the earthquake warnings seriously and take timely action to safeguard the lives of her citizens in a preventive, and not curative manner.


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