Patience Jonathan asks court to order EFCC to pay her 200 million dollars

- 10/27/2016
In a shameless display clearly resulting from a sense of privilege, Nigeria's former first lady, Patience Jonathan, has asked the Federal High Court Ikoyi Lagos ‎to order the EFCC to pay her $200 million for seizing her(questionable) $15m found in the accounts of 4 companies currently being investigated for money laundering.
Former Nigerian First Lady Patience Jonathan $15 million
Can you believe that! She must have missed the part that said 'money laundering'  or else she would have acted and reacted quite differently to the situation.

Not only was Mrs. Jonathan not worried that the $15 million was discovered under illegal circumstances, but she was also quite offended by the seizure of the money.

Would she have preferred that EFCC just hand the money back to her and drop all charges? Probably—because she went even further to demand for payment of damages—in the tune of $200 million!

The EFCC had in July placed a ‘No Debit Order’ on the four accounts which were uncovered during the investigation of a former Special Adviser on Domestic Affairs to ex-President Jonathan, Waripamo-Owei Dudafa who had allegedly opened the accounts on behalf of Patience Jonathan.
Patience Jonathan demands 200 million dollars from EFCC
She sued them to court. Patience Jonathan filed a suit against the antigraft agency and Skye Bank, challenging the seizure of her account. ‎She wants the court to order EFCC to remove the 'No Debit Order' placed on her $15 million. She is also asking the court to order Skye Bank to pay her damages in the sum of N200m for what she termed a violation of her right to own personal property under Section 44 of the 1999 Constitution.

The presiding judge Justice Kuewumi adjourned till December 7, 2016 for the hearing of the case.

In the face of the current political, economic and legal drama being played out in Nigeria, it will be interesting to see how this whole thing goes.


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