Russia's Kim Kardashian has 4 million Instagram followers(photos)

- 10/07/2016
Kim. K has a new rival—and she's Russian.
With her eye-popping curves, it's no surprise she's been dubbed 'Russia's Kim Kardashian'.
Curvaceous Russian Kim Kardashian
Almost 5 million followers believe in her—or at least believe in her curves. Yes, 21-year-old model Anastasia Kvitko has amassed a whopping 4.4million followers on Instagram, thanks to her unbelievable figure.
Kim Kardashian selfie Russian rival
Using her curves to chase her dreams. Anastasia, who hails from Russia, has moved to Los Angeles to pursue her modelling career. And she has seen her following grow in the process.

Instagram hit. The busty beauty is said to boast a 38-25-42 figure, and she regularly shares snaps of her body on her social networking pages, to the delight of her followers.

She believes that Kim cannot be compared to her. And while Anastasia is often compared to Kim,  the beauty claims the famous reality TV star Kim is "far behind her".
Russian model Anastasia Kvitko

She doesn't trust the figures of American women and claims that hers is completely natural. Her eye-popping curves have seen her following grow to over 4million.
Speaking about what type of figure she admires she said: "I like to see bosoms and bottoms, I don't like over slim girls. But you have to be careful with American girls."
Hot and beautiful Russian model Anastasia Kvitko

This is what she says about the reputed curves of American women—enhanced. 

"They often go through surgeries and pour fat into their bottoms taken from other parts of their bodies. And my body is a natural one. I had just one surgery - my appendix was removed."

To match up to Kim socially, she's certainly has some work to do. But being 14 years younger than her Kardashian rival, Anastasia has also got some advantages over the more popular curvaceous queen of selfies.


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