These photos of Tom Cruise running in movies will leave you amazed

- 10/16/2016
I love Tom Cruise movies, don't you? Well—it  doesn't really matter. But I know we can all agree on one thing. He's one of the most  consistent box office draws in the world today. (Forget his bombed movie The Mummy for a minute).  Tom is Hollywood Royalty.

With blockbuster movie after block buster the charismatic Tom seems tireless.
Tom cruise running in his movies
But let's take a step back and look closely at one aspect of Tom Cruise's acting over the years—his running. And boy, can this man run!

Check out these photos of Tom Cruise running in movies.

Back in 1994 another Hollywood actor Tom Hanks put on an unforgettable performance in the oscar winning movie Forrest Gump which saw him do some impressive running.

But it is now clear that Tom is the undisputed King of running in movies.
There is just something about watching him run that leaves you breathless and pulls you into the very heart of the action scene.
Tom cruise running in his movies
And the speed at which he sprints—is something you've got to see. Remarkable.

The Mission impossible star does sprints that have become an expected addition to his films. Kind of Something like action star Arnold Schwarzenegger's iconic 'I'll be back' phrase.

But of course it takes more energy to do a 50 or a 100 meter dash than it does to say a three word phrase.
Images of actor Tom Cruise running in action movies
The indefatigable Tom Cruise at 52, still seems to have what it takes to churn out more adrenaline filled action scene sprints.

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