Watch Donald Trump's daughter Tiffany reject her Dad's kiss

- 10/11/2016
Smooth as a cat, see how Donald Trump's daughter Tiffany Trump smoothly rejected her dad's kiss, much like he rejected her for her entire life, forgetting she existed at the RNC and not even following her on Twitter until a viral campaign set to right the injustice.
Donald Trump's daughter Tiffany dodge his kiss
With a deft slide and pat on the shoulder, Tiffany demonstrated how all women feel around the Republican candidate.

Compared to the Obamas, the Trumps look like one big dysfunctional family.

But I'm not really making a fair comparison though, since mud slinging tactics are now the order of the day.

Donald Trump and his daughters are really making the public ill at ease with the weird public appearances they put up.
Watch Donald Trump's try to kiss his daughter and gets rejected
 Mud slinging is normal in every campaign, but what really boggles is the astonishing skill and zeal being used by both sides to air dirty laundry.

It makes one wonder why both candidates are not entirely soaked in scandal now.

Plus, immediately after the Presidential debate, Donald was cautious to only shake his other daughter—his favorite daughter.


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