Argentina screen star sues plastic surgeon for her decomposing butt

- 11/20/2016
We all know that cosmetic surgery has plenty of downsides, both psychological and physical. But not many are as gross as this one.

Terrible or deal. An Argentinian screen star sued plastic surgeon who she said messed up her bottom implants and left her with a rotting rear end.
Sabrina Sabrok plastic surgery
Can you believe that?

Playboy model and screen actress Sabrina Sabrok demands compensation from plastic surgeon for implants that caused her decomposing butt.

Reports by mirror online say that Sabrina- a huge star on Mexican TV - was told by medics that the prosthetic implants she recently acquired are decomposing inside her buttocks and could cause gangrene.

The 39-year-old star is now demanding that the surgeon - Vicente Garcia Gonzalez - pays the £3,949 bill for a new op to repair her bum.
Sabrina Sabrok decomposing butt implants
Here is what the surgery addicted actress said;
"These implants last around seven years when they are supposed to last for 20 years. The surgeon told me they were good quality but according to an MRI scan they are not good quality. I am worried about it and I want the doctor to pay me. The liquid from the prosthesis is leaking and it might be infected. The liquid might leak to my legs and later it could cause gangrene. I cannot walk in high heels, and I cannot do exercise," she said.

Sabrina’s real name is Lorena Fabiana Colotta. She is a veteran of nearly 60 cosmetic surgery procedures which have cost her more than £800,000.

The TV actress is a household name across Mexico for her TV shows and eye popping pop videos.

After almost 10 million pounds in plastic surgery procedures, the butt implants are a big blow to the actress who's trade is all about her body.


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