Azealia Banks in court for biting female bouncer on the breast at nightclub

- 11/30/2016
It appears this rapper's greatest skill isn't rapping—its getting into trouble. And trouble of the most ridiculous kind at that.

I guess in her persistent attempts to damage the image of others, she ends up damaging hers instead.
Controversial rapper Azealia Banks assault

New York rapper Azealia Banks appeared in  court for biting a female bouncer. She appeared in a Manhattan courtroom on Tuesday for a hearing related charges she faces for allegedly biting a female bouncer at a New York City nightclub last year.

Dressed for battle, the controvercy magnet Banks wore a royal blue leather jacket with jeans, while sporting long black locks to appear before a judge for misdemeanor assault, attempted assault and disorderly conduct charges stemming from an incident last year.
Azealia banks assault nightclub bouncer
According to reports, the troubled 25-year-old rapper allegedly spit on and bit a female bouncer on the breast on December 16, 2015 after being kicked out of Meatpacking club Up&Down because staff didn't recognize her. She apparently gets kicked out of places a lot— because they recognise her.

She was in a good mood inspite of the gravity of the charges.While in court on Tuesday, Banks appeared to be at ease as she smirked for cameras inside and outside of the courtroom.

 Prior to entering, she was pictured in a hallway charging her cellphone while speaking with her lawyer.

She had avoided the court appearance for almost two months. Banks was supposed to appear in court back in September, but she did not show up for the appearance, as her lawyer, Stacey Richman, told a judge her client had missed her flight from Los Angeles.

Jail awaited her if she missed it again. A judge had warned then if she didn't appear at the next one that she would end up behind bars.
Rapper Azealia banks bites female bouncer
Banks makes a name for herself more from dissing others than making music. She is infamous for her Twitter rants against other rappers, as well as politicians - she once suggested Sarah Palin be gang-rapped.
She openly supported president-elect Donald Trump and mocked Hillary Clinton fans Katy Perry and Lady Gaga once she lost the election.
Apart from her social media attack on Zayn Malik, she recently threatened to hurt actor Russell Crowe and his guests right in his hotel room.


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