ISIS beheads a 100 year old blind cleric for witchcraft in Egypt

- 11/23/2016
It appears that the terror group keep coming up with the strangest reasons to behead people.

Recently, their victim was a century old, blind religious leader accused of dark arts!

Reports state that Isis executioners have murdered a blind religious leader that they claimed had been practising witchcraft.

Terror group Isis beheads 100 year old cleric
In an all-too-familiar scenario ISIS beheaded a 100 year old cleric accused of practicing witchcraft.

Disturbing pictures show Muslim cleric Sulaiman Abu Haraz being murdered by jihadis in Egypt.
The terror group's brutal tactics are well known, but never ceases to horrify. The ancient cleric had been kidnapped from his farm in Arish two weeks before his execution.

Images show the elderly man dressed in an orange jumpsuit with his neck pressed against a stand, while jihadis stand over him.

In the show of respect or perhaps celebration, after his death, members of the terror group in the background of the picture raised their one-fingered salute.
It was also reported that a second man who was a leading religious figure, was also killed by the ISIS Jihadists.


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