Man with knife stuck in his head walks into hospital by himself in Peru

- 11/19/2016
As long as the world remains, human beings will continue to shock each other with some of the crazy, and often deadly things they do.

Recently, medical personnel in Peru were stunned  when Clever Campos, a 28yr old man  with a knife stuck in his head, walked into a hospital by himself.
Peru man with knife stuck in his head
Passersby recieved a jolt when they spotted him walking around in a daze with the weapon lodged deep in his head after he was reportedly stabbed by another man following an argument.

A grissly sight for sure, seeing a man—alive on his feet— with a knife stuck deep in the back of his head.

An ambulance was called and he was taken to Loreto Regional Hospital, where he was filmed walking in himself accompanied by a surprised looking paramedic.

Campos who worked as a taxi driver, was taken into the ER, but had to be kept concious through out the surgical procedure. He underwent four hours of surgery, remaining conscious until the knife was finally removed.
It is not known if the man will survive as he remains in hospital in a critical condition.
Man stabbed in the head with knife walks into hospital
The alleged knife attacker Henry Saldana, 30, has been arrested on suspicion of stabbing Mr Campos.

It was reported that he admitted to stabbing Mr Campos because he thought he had stiolen his motorbike, which the victim used as a taxi.

If the victim dies, Saldana will be booked for murder.


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