Manchester United players emerge highest paid footballers in world football

- 11/14/2016
Its all about the money—and right now the Red devils are on top of the money pile in player's annual salaries.

Well paid. Manchester United players are highest paid in the world. Their first-team stars earn an average annual salary of £5.77million - the highest earnings in world football.
Premier league Manchester united players earnings
In terms of yearly earnings, they left all other top football sides in the dust.The Old Trafford club came out on top in a survey of almost 10,000 sportsmen at 333 teams in seven sports across 17 of the world's richest leagues.

Of course the other major clubs still made their mark on the earnings list. Barcelona, Manchester City, Real Madrid and Chelsea make up the football top five, but  here's the shocker—basketball sides Cleveland Cavaliers, New York Yankees and LA Clippers topped them all!
Cristiano Ronaldo football earnings
As a whole, the EPL still leads all other leagues worldwide.The average Premier League player earns £2.4m a year, according to the global sports salary survey (GSSS).

That is double that of players in La Liga, Serie A and the Bundesliga.
Not suprisingly, the two greatest footballers in the world right now, topped player's list.The individual player list is headed by Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi who each earn £18.98 a year, or £365,000 a week.A tie. (Fair enough).

Cristiano Ronaldo is the highest-paid footballer, alongside Lionel Messi
Gareth Bale (£18.2m), Hulk (£16.64m) and Paul Pogba (£15.1m) make up the top five.

The wealthy Chinese league was not left out. China's growing influence sees three players plying their club football there make the top 10.

These are the Top 10 best-paid sports teams (average annual salary)

1. Cleveland Cavaliers (£6.54m)
2. New York Yankees (£5.81m)
3. LA Clippers (£5.78m)
4. Manchester United (£5.77m)
5. Barcelona (£5.64m)
6. Portland Trail Blazers (£5.59m)
7 Memphis Grizzlies (£5.51m)
8. Dallas Mavericks (£5.50m)
9. Manchester City (£5.42m)
10. Orlando Magic (£5.38m)
World's Highest earning Sports teams
Here are the Top 10 best-paid footballers (annual salary)

1= Cristiano Ronaldo - Real Madrid (£18.98m)
1= Lionel Messi - Barcelona (£18.98m)
3. Gareth Bale - Real Madrid (£18.2m)
4. Hulk Shanghai SIPG (£16.64m)
5. Paul Pogba Man United (£15.51m)
6. Graziano Pelle Shangdong Lueng (£14.2m)
7. Ezequiel Lavezzi Hebei China Fortune (£13.5m)
8. Wayne Rooney Man United (£13.5m)
9. Neymar Barcelona (£13.4m)
10. Zlatan Ibrahimovic Man United (£13m)

With the summer transfer window approaching, and new contracts being signed and old contract being renewed, obviously these lists are going to be changing dramatically very soon.


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