Mariah Carey insulted by multimillion Prenup offer by James Packer

- 11/10/2016
The legendary singer is worth a great deal of money, but her great wealth pales in comparison to her ex’s gargantuan wealth.

Mariah Carey has an estimated net worth of more than half a billion dollars.
James packer and Mariah Carey split because of prenup issues
That is probably why Mariah Carey feels insulted by the prenup offer by James Packer her former fiance, before their sensational split
Money chaser.It is said the Charmbracelet singer felt she was being treated as a 'gold digger' by the Australian billionaire's business managers. She is said to have been 'blindsided' when she was later dumped by the tycoon at the end of September.
Singer Mariah Carey and James packer failed engagement shocker
The initial offer was by many standards very impressive, but according to Page Six, the 46-year-old was offended by the offered $1 million a year for each full year of marriage by Robert Rankin, an executive who works for the gambling mogul, who is said to be worth 3.5 billion US dollars.

No deal. However it is claimed the warbler's managers turned the offer down flat, saying, 'Mariah earns that in 45 minutes for a private performance. This is insulting!'

They tried to appease the star with a heavily adjusted offer. In what was perhaps hoped would be a decisive move, the cash offer was supposedly adjusted and the use of a private jet was thrown in as a sweetener in yet another email.

You can check out a brief summary of the new offer.
Mariah Carey insulted by James packer prenuptial agreement
The follow-up terms would see her get $6 million per year, $151,385 per week up to a maximum of $30 million.
 A credit card for living and staff expenses,
And one private!

 Still not satisfied. An insider told Page Six: 'This caused a lot of tension. Her camp said they were treating Mariah like a gold digger, while she thought she was marrying the man of her dreams.'
However it seems James packer was a bit more pragmatic in his approach,  as he is said to have dumped the Hero favourite due to her alleged extravagant spending and due to disagreements over her new reality show Mariah’s World.


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