Meet woman who claims her butt is the biggest in West Africa(photos)

- 11/09/2016
This woman claims her butt is the biggest in the West Africa.
Naturally endowed or surgically enhanced, a big and shapely butt has become a major trend amongst ladies these days.
Women with biggest bums in Africa

Popular social media Queen Kim Kardashian has made a small fortune from showing off her cute buttom to cameras weekly.

And who has the best and biggest butt in the whole world?  Trust me that is a question neither you nor I can satisfactorily answer.

Ivory coast female model with big butt
Check out photos of this curvaceous model who claims to have the biggest bum in the whole of West Africa. Judge for yourself.
Woman claims to have biggest bum in west Africa

Eudoxie Yao Ivory coast model
Eudoxie Yao a model from Ivory Coast claims her backside is West Africa's largest and thanks to her hefty assets, she has amassed a sizeable social media following with more than 125,000 Instagram followers. According to local media, she is raking in the cash as she is regularly contracted to sell events, photos, and promote products in addition to regular appearances on TV. There are speculations her booty is surgically enhanced but she maintains it's all natural. More photos...
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Most curvaceous models in Africa


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