President Obama honors Michael Jordan 20 others with Presidential medal of freedom

- 11/26/2016
In one of his final ceremonies before he leaves office,President Obama honours Michael Jordan and 20 other recipients with the presidential medal of freedom which is considered the highest civilian honor in the US.

President Obama honors Michael Jordan
Michael Jordan's eyes were glistening as Barack Obama listed his accomplishments and influences Tuesday at the White House.

It was a big night for acknowledging great accomplishments. This is what the President had to say about the basketball legend:

"He’s more than just a logo. He's more than just an internet meme," Obama said about the legendary basketball player, known more often these days not as the best basketball player to ever play the game, but for his ubiquitous "Crying Jordan" meme that gets plastered on everything around the internet.

Are the notable recipients we're also present. Jordan was one of 21 honored in Obama's final ceremony to award the Presidential Medal of Freedom, the highest civilian honor.

Jordan wasn't the only one getting choked up. It was an emotion filled night.

Typically, Obama fueled the excitement. Other notables were honored with fun backstories and witty quips from the outgoing president.
President Obama presents presidential medal of honour to 21
He said this of the Forrest Gump actor; Obama made it clear "we should never travel with Tom Hanks" since the actor always gets marooned at airports, kidnapped by pirates and has to emergency land airplanes. He said "America's dad" is a "good man" who "made it seem natural to have a volleyball as your best friend."

The sporting world honouraries did not stop at Jordan. From the sports world, Obama shared his pride of longtime Dodgers sports announcer Vin Scully and the basketball skills of NBA Hall of Famer Kareem Abdul-Jabbar.

"When a sport changes its rules just to make it harder for you, you are really good," the President told a towering Abdul-Jabbar.

Obama praised comedian Ellen DeGeneres for coming out publicly almost 20 years ago.

When introducing rock and roll legend Bruce Springsteen, Obama said, "I'm the president, he is the boss."
In his final words he said:  'This is a really good class of recipients' as he wrapped up the ceremony.

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