Rihanna and Chris Brown hook up again after Brown's Instagram comment

- 11/22/2016
Rihanna and Chris Brown hookup again by a weird combination of sympathy, obsession, lust and nostalgia, all held together in a sweet little package of delusion.
Rihanna and Chris Brown hook up reunion

All Chris needs to do is to act nice and she comes running.But Brown swears he’s a new man — and this time Rihanna actually believes him.

Insiders have revealed the former couple, who famously split in 2009 after she was left battered and bruised by her then boyfriend Brown, has even taken tentative steps towards a romantic reunion.

The reason for 28-year-old Rihanna’s drastic about-face ?

Same old thing repackaged in a shiny new wrapper? Brown's Instagram comment. The 27 year old troubled singer may finally be showing signs that he’s maturing after he posted an emotional response after seeing an Instagram video that showed a mother teaching her daughter positive affirmations, reminding her that she is everything from “smart” to “funny.”

“This honestly had me in tears but of joy!” the rapper wrote in a caption on the video. “This is what makes me continue to wanna be better and also have faith in humanity.”

“I commend this wonderful little girl and her mother most of all for being able to understand the hurt that a child may go through but the willingness to love yourself and be!” Like the young Kings and Queens we all are’
Chris Brown's Instagram comment shows changed man
Rihanna, one friend of the “Work” singer said “can’t believe the change in Chris.”

Always had a spot for each other, albeit a precarious one. “They’re talking every day again and have met up a few times,” said the pal.
“He’s moodier and more serious, but he’s much softer and a borderline feminist these days.”

What does that even mean?

From my point of view—abusers and cheats never change. They just lay low until another opportunity arises to prove they are the same as always.

But hey! What do I know right? Good luck to Rihanna and Chris in—whatever they're really looking for.


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