Serial killer German nurse killed patients with heart medication overdose

- 11/25/2016
Death on his mind, blood on his hands. A hospital personnel trained to save patient's lives, now becomes a major cause of their demise.
 Serial killer German nurse killed patients with heart medication
Its been revealed that a serial killer German nurse convicted of killing patients with heart medication overdose had at least 43 victims, prosecutors said.

At first he was charged and convicted for only a couple of murders. Last year Niels Hoegel was found guilty of two murders, two attempted murders and one count of serious bodily harm at a clinic in the northern town of Delmenhorst.

Exposed. The crimes came to light in 2008 after Hoegel was convicted of attempted murder in another case.

But as ongoing investigations revealed more similar deaths, the case stayed open. And today it was revealed that he likely committed at least 37 homicides in Delmenhorst and an additional six in nearby Oldenburg.

Others who failed to notice the regular trail of death left by the killer nurse were also charged. Oldenburg prosecutors say they have indicted six former staff members at the Delmenhorst clinic who failed to report concerns about suspicious patient deaths. They face up to 15 years in prison, if convicted of negligent manslaughter.

The investigations are expanding to much ealier hospital deaths. This year, a judge ordered the bodies of 99 patients in Delmenhorst to be exhumed and the city's police chief, Johann Kuehme, said toxicology tests showed some had the residue of the heart drug in their systems.

'The horror doesn't end. The investigations cannot be closed,' said Mr Kuehme.
Hoegel admitted during the trial that he had triggered cardiac arrests in 90 patients, 30 of whom died.

He told the court he enjoyed the feeling of saving someone's life. Obviously not well enough, since he continued to put the fate of delicate human lives in hands by initiating death. This vile act continued until he was caught.


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