Shock as Chinese teen offers to sell herself for 41 thousand pounds to pay mother's cancer bill

- 11/08/2016
Buy me for £41 thousand. That is how much in Chinese teenager offered to sell herself.

And what necessitated this desperate move?

Desperate times usually lead to Desperate Measures.
And this desperate 19-year-old in China has posted an advertisement to sell herself in order to raise money for her ill mother's cancer treatment medical bill.
Chinese teenager offers her body for sale
Brave and a little silly. In a post on Chinese social media, Cao Mengyuan said the skin cancer treatment would cost around 350,000 Yuan (£41,000), but whoever offered the highest price would win the right to 'use her body at will'.
Did her advertisement work? Did someone come foward to pay for the teenager's body?
 An insider today told MailOnline that a 'generous boss' had responded to the advertisement and agreed to help Cao cover her mother's medical bills.

At what price?

The insider declined to reveal what the man intended to do with Cao.
Cao posted the advertisement titled  '(I am) selling myself' on WeChat, a Chinese social media platform.
She gave a true history of her upbringing and her family. Cao claimed in the post that she was born and raised at a rural household in Gaozhou city of southern China.

She said her mother was 45 years old and had been a farmer all her life. 

Desperate for help. She also said her mother had been diagnosed with skin cancer recently and had been admitted into the Gaozhou People's Hospital for almost a week.
Getting worse by the day. She added that her mother's health was deteriorating and serious infection had started developing on her right thigh.
It is a very costly operation. And with no way to raise the funds necessary, she resorted to the bizzare offer. Cao said that to treat her mother's illness, they would need about 350,000 Yuan (£41,604), however her mother did not have medical insurance and her family would not be able to afford the cost. 
Girl from China tries to save cancer stricken mum.

Cao wrote in the post: 'I wish that a kind-hearted person could buy me, so my mother can undergo the operation.'

The message went on: 'After the transaction, I am willing to work at the will of the buyer in return. I will do whatever the buyer asked me to do. I never go back on my word.'

At the end of the post, Cao wrote: 'Everything I said is true. I will sell myself to the highest bidder.

Then the young woman left her contact number.

 Mr Huang runs Gong Yi Pai Ke, an nonprofit organization which helps connect donors with people in need of medical funds and tuition fees.

Anonymous helper or Anonymous trader? Mr Huang also said that a 'generous boss' had agreed to pay all the medical bills for Cao's mother after seeing Cao's post.

Mr Huang declined to reveal what the man intended to do with Cao.

However, he added: 'It has been settled. She doesn't have to sell anything now.'
The good news. Cao's mother is expected to receive operation in the future, according to Mr Huang.
Well let's hope that's the end of it. So this teenager who clearly loves her mother will not need to sell herself, to save her life.

Source: daily mail


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