Skull wearing Iraqi soldiers Golden division are ISIS fighting celebrities(photos)

- 11/05/2016
These soldiers will spark fear in the hearts of even the most hardened Jihadi.

They are the terrifying skull-wearing soldiers battling to retake Mosul from ISIS.
Iraqi Skull wearing soldiers
Take a close look at these pictures of masked terror. The soldiers - who are in the  Iraqi Golden Division - have gained celebrity status among locals thanks to their distinctive look and success against the terror group.

Much more than just a bony face. As well as the skull masks, the soldiers wear jackets packed with grenades and other weapons.

They are part of a US-trained brigade of commandos who are fighting the terror group in the Iraqi city.
Advancing rapidly on ISIS. Iraqi forces have circled around the west of the city and have begun blasting their way into a new front in the north east.
Iraqi Golden division
And in the center of the invasion, are the feared skull faced soldiers. They stand out because of their distinctive skull masks.

Great fighting skills, great success. The Golden Division have proved hugely successful in taking back districts in the city previously controlled by Islamic State.

Trained by US soldier elite. Each man has the same training as a US Army Ranger with their bosses boasting each is “worth a thousand” ISIS fighters, the Sun reports.
Their success has included being the first Iraqi unit to enter the city during the current mission to retake Monsul from terror group ISIS.
Skull wearing soldiers battling ISIS in Monsul

ISIS feared Golden division soldiers in Monsul Iraq
Ironically as the battle rages on, the skulls which should normally have meant danger to all, now spell death for ISIS and hope for the region.


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