South Carolina serial killer chained up woman like a dog on his property

- 11/06/2016
The evil that men are capable of, usually surpass the evil that they do.

But in the story of this South Caroline serial killer who chained up a woman on his property like a dog, it's hard to imagine this gruesom evil easily surpassing any other.

Tod kohlhepp serial killer

Unfortunately it did —and much worse too.

South Carolina serial killer chained up woman like a dog on his property.

In a bone chilling discovery, a man was arrested after a young woman was found "chained up like a dog" on his property. After  his arrest, he confessed to seven other  killings , authorities said.

The killer held her captive since August. Todd Kohlhepp was arrested on Thursday after Kala Brown - who had been missing for two months - was found inside a metal container in Woodruff, South Carolina.
South Caroliner serial killer chains woman like dog

The registered sex offender who was first arressted for rape at the age of 15, admitted to killing four people at a motorcycle shop on November 6 2003, in Spartanburg County.
The suspect also led authorities to the site of two more bodies buried on his property.

Ever more murders. Todd Kohlhepp has admitted to seven killings.
The confession came as police searching for four missing people on the 100 acre property found a body on Friday night.

The corpse was identified on Saturday as that of Miss Brown's boyfriend Charlie Carver, 32, Coroner Rusty Clavenger said.

His cause of death was multiple gunshot wounds.

The couple went missing on August 31.

During 45-year-old Kohlhepp's bond hearing on Friday, lawyers for the Woodruff Solicitor’s Office said Brown had told deputies she saw the suspect shoot her boyfriend dead .

A body found on Saturday at Kohlhepp's property was identified as Brown's boyfriend Charlie Carver

Solicitor Barry Barnette said: “She told us this individual did kill him in her presence.”

A stash of weapons.Investigators found numerous weapons, including 9mm handguns with silencers, assault weapons, and loads of ammunition.


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