Taylor Swift sues radio DJ who grabbed her but backstage at concert

- 11/02/2016
Singer Taylor Swift sues radio DJ who grabbed her butt backstage after a concert.

In spite of their status as adored and sometimes hated public figures, Celebrities are human too, and should be treated as such at all times. 
Taylor Swift concert incident
At least that's my bit of advice in this post. But this radio DJ seemed to have other ideas about the issue. 

But listen to this ladies, how would you feel if a total stranger grabbed your butt without invitation? Yes I know, some might find it a thrill, but Taylor Swift felt quite differently about the unwanted attention by a radio DJ, who happened to be with his girlfriend at the time of the incident.

Taylor Swift says she was shocked and withdrawn moments after a radio DJ allegedly 'grabbed her butt backstage at her concert, according to newly released deposition.

As it turned out, his legal action against Swift was just a smoke screen to mask his assault on her. Former radio DJ David Mueller initially sued Swift for slander and accused her of getting him fired from his job at Colorado country music station 98.5 KYGO, where he had worked since 2013.
Singer Taylor Swift sues radio DJ
She fought back. Swift counter-sued, alleging Mueller assaulted her during a meet-and-greet, in which he is accused of grabbing her rear. Mueller claims it was a co-worker of his who assaulted Swift and that he is wrongly accused.

The singer explained in her deposition: 'As soon as he grabbed my butt, I became shocked and withdrawn and was barely able to say "thanks for coming", which is what I say to everybody.
Radio DJ who grabbed Taylor Swift‘s but
'I was barely able to get words out, and it was like somebody switched the lights off in my personality.

'So it was pretty quick that he was gone after that,' she said.

Swift explains she 'just wanted him to be gone' after the incident. When asked if she told one of her staff members immediately after she said: 'No, because I didn't have one split second without a fan in front of me until that moment.

'And I didn't want people to find out about this. Anything that I say in front of fans could end up in the press, and I didn't want that.'

Lawyers have pressed Swift to tell them whether or not the photo taken with Mueller during the meet-and-greet was the moment he groped her.

Swift says it's impossible for her to definitively answer whether that photo captured that moment and can't pinpoint when it happened because she was 'uncomfortable because a strange man's hand just lifted up my shirt and was either nearing my ass cheek, freshly grabbed onto or refusing to let go.'

Lying DJ exposed by photo. The 26-year-old pop star's legal team succeeded in having a judge seal a photo that allegedly shows Mueller groping her underneath her skirt.

The same judge however rejected a similar request that a transcript of Swift's testimony be sealed as well.

Mueller's initial complaint claims that he has been working in the radio business for more than 20 years and had been working for 98.5 KYGO since 2013.
He was supposed to be on official business.He says that his bosses informed him and his co-host, Ryan Kliesch, he would have to attend a meet-and-greet at Swift's concert on June 2, 2013.

The radio DJ brought his girlfriend along to the show and said that he eventually went backstage to meet Swift.

During the meeting, he explained that both he and his girlfriend complimented her and then took photos before receiving autographs.

It all went well according to him. He said the interaction 'went great' and the singer 'remained pleasant as she bid them goodbye'. Later that night, Mueller said he ran into a co-worker who bragged that during his meet-and-greet he put his arms around Swift and grabbed her butt during the photo op.

The singer's bodyguard approached the radio DJ later in the night and accused him of grabbing Swift's butt when they took their photo.

He said he was then kicked out of the venue and eventually his bosses fired him for the allegations.

But Swift fired back at the former radio host's lawsuit and claimed Mueller - not his co-worker - was the one who groped her when taking a photo.
She said the accusations by the radio DJ that his co-worker was the one who touched her are lies.


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