This man born with two extra legs finally has hope of amputation

- 11/03/2016
Incredible but true, meet the man who was born with two extra legs.

Arun Kumar, a 22-year-old from Uttar Pradesh in north India, has legs growing out of his lower back. One is underdeveloped, and the other is permanently bent at the knee.
Story of young man born with two extra legs
Although he has lived with the condition for years without any kind of treatment, Arun finally decided to seek help online.

A team of specialists at Fortis Hospital in Delhi responded to Arun’s plea, anad organised a series of tests to find out whether he can be treated.

‘If I can get an operation and doctors take off my two extra legs, then I can also live a normal life,’ Arun said. ‘I may be able to move and walk properly like others.
‘When I go back to hospital I will meet doctors. If they are willing to do an operation, then I am ready.’

When he was a child Arun's parents found it difficult to get a doctor who would agree to amputate his extra limbs. After going to so many hospitals without success, they finally decided to take him back to their village and endure his condition.
Doctors can finally amputate Arun Kumar's extra legs
Arun can’t move the two extra legs, but he does have feeling in them. On top of this, constantly carrying the weight on his back is also damaging his posture and is making it increasingly difficult to walk.

Orthopedic specialist Dr Hemant Sharma discovered that Arun also had a second pelvis, and has now arranged for him to have MRI and CT scans, x-rays and echocardiograms, to find out just how the legs are connected and how they are affecting his body.

As the doctor pointed out, there are a few vital things to take into before the actual surgical procedure.

‘Since he has four legs we will be keen to know where the blood supply is coming from, and where it is going into his legs,’ Dr Sharma said.
‘And also, we need to find out if he has got extra kidneys, extra urethras, extra bladder.’

Fortunately for young Arun, he will get his life changing operation.


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