Two women sentenced to 20 lashes for swearing on WhatsApp in Saudi Arabia

- 11/25/2016
We all know that whatsapp is a free app where you can communicate with others in however way you like—within legal limits of course. But in Saudi, although free,one must watch their language while using the app.
Two Saudi women sentenced to 20 lashes for WhatsApp swearing
Recently two women learnt the hard way that the word free comes with some underlying clause in the kingdom.

A Saudi Arabian court has sentenced two women to 20 lashes each after they were caught swearing on Whatsapp.

They also got jail time. According to Arabic newspaper Al Watan, the pair, who were involved in an argument, were sentenced to ten days in prison.
Judges in Jeddah ruled their messages contained ‘impermissible expressions’ after one of the women was reported for being ‘abusive’.

They were sentenced by a court in Saudi Arabia.
In return she produced evidence the other woman had sworn at her first in a Whatsapp chat months ago.

Never try that again or else! The court warned the friends they faced worse punishment if they used bad language again.
Ironically, the incident was reported only a month after Saudi Arabia was elected to the Human Rights Council.

Wonder how that idea was even conceived, let alone carried out.

Of course human rights groups criticized the move in the face of frequent incidents in the country. Restricted freedom of expression and discriminating against woman to mention a few.


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