14 year old boy shoots mother and 8 year old brother dead while they slept

- 12/01/2016
It doesn't get more horrific than this. No matter how well you think you know someone, they go and do something so utterly out of character—so distructive, you discover you never knew them at all.
14 year old boy Jacob Remaley shoots mother and brother dead
Killer Jacob Remaley left
Men have proved adept at hiding who they are.
That is why no one saw it coming when a devout church going 14 year old boy shot his mother and brother dead while they were sleeping.

Criminal mind. A Pennsylvania boy is accused of shooting his mother and 8-year-old brother once each in the forehead as they slept and then trying to frame his father for the killings

He did  a smart job of trying to throw of the cops by pinning the gruesome murders on his dad. State Police Trooper Stephen Limani says Jacob Remaley called 911 just before 7am Wednesday, saying his mother and younger brother were dead and his father placed a gun in his bed before leaving the house.

He later narrated the real—terrifying story of the killings. State police say Jacob later confessed how he took a gun from atop the refrigerator and shot Dana Remaley and Caleb Remaley after his father, David, went to work.
Jacob Remaley shoots mother and brother in the head
He intended wiping the entire family out. Remaley also allegedly told police he would have shot his father, too, had he been home.

Limani says the only indication of a motive is that the teen and his parents weren't getting along lately.

Jacob Remaley is a straight A student and a devout church goer whom was praised as a caring and kind boy. He was very close to his younger sibling Caleb—but he still put a bullet in his head.
What the heck happened?

He is now awaiting arraignment on two counts each of criminal homicide and first-degree murder.


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