Banker burns wife alive after she caught him cheating

- 12/16/2016
In an eerie and gruesome incident a banker burnt his wife alive after she discovered he was having an affair - then went on to claim she died whilst making him a BLT sandwich!
Banker kills wife by burning her alive
Wife Killer Darren Byrne
Murderer Darren Byrne was today found guilty of killing his spouse Maria, 35. The shocking murder took place in the kitchen of their £450,000 home in Theydon Bois, Essex.

Judge Charles Gratwicke told the killer: 'You have been convicted of what can only be described as a wicked and heinous crime.

'I say nothing further at this stage save that you can expect an exceedingly long sentence.'

Byrne, a 40 old banker, had frantically tried to cover his tracks after knocking out his angry wife, by dousing her in white spirit and setting her ablaze.

Banking and forensics are clearly worlds apart ,since his desperate attempt at a cover up was discovered quickly during investigations. 

He even called 999 and a recording played to the court showed him pretending to have found his wife dead after an horrific accident—while making a sandwich.

Mrs Byrne was killed after she found a text between her husband and his London osteopath revealing an illicit relationship.

A jury heard how furious Maria confronted her husband as he had promised he would stop seeing a woman who was also cheating on her own partner with him, Deborah Houlihan.

When his lover Ms Houlihan appeared, she told the court how she carried on seeing Byrne despite both of their partners believing the affair was over.
UK banker murders wife by setting her on fire
Maria Byrne
In her own words she said: 'Deep down in my heart I knew it was wrong but we made each each other feel good and I felt excited by the spark we had between us.'

The lie before the murder: Byrne had told his wife, who was also the mother of his two children, that the affair was over. But she discovered a text on a secret phone he used to speak to his mistress and a furious argument ensued.

Byrne knocked Maria out and, as she lay on the floor, he poured white spirit on her and set her alight.

Burn it all down. He then turned on the gas stove in a bid to set fire to his house.

When his arson attempt failed, he moved the his wife's body to make it look like a tragic cooking accident. He then called the emergency services, saying 'My wife is dead she is dead. She's burnt badly.'

He lied to the police that he hadn't even been home when she died. According to him,  he had been out walking the dog! 


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