CIA reveal Russia interference in Trump election win as Obama orders cyber attacks review

- 12/11/2016
The media driven love affair between Trump and Russia has gotten even more serious as America's top intelligence agency steps in with evidence pointing to favouritism.
Russia support Trump election
Its current findings. The CIA found that Russia's interference in Trump's elections went beyond an attempt to undermine American democracy as a whole - and actively favored Donald Trump's chances, according to the Washington Post.

An attempt to undermine Clinton and and improve Trump's chances. Individuals who provided WikiLeaks with emails from hacked Democratic accounts have been identified by intelligence authorities as members of a Russian campaign who worked towards the goal of seeing Trump elected, officials said.

The shocking conclusion, made by the intelligence agencies, had led to a President Barack Obama order to review cyber attacks that targeted Democratic organizations and operatives during the 2016 elections, in a bid to uncover the truth before the January hand over.
Donald trump versus Clinton
Its all nonsense— a further attempt of the anti-Trump group to undermine the landslide election results. In response, Trump's transition team shot down the findings, issuing a statement that read: 'These are the same people that said Saddam Hussein had weapons of mass destruction.'

In a shocking exposure that Marred the Democrats election chances,Confidential emails from the Democratic National Committee and John Podesta, the campaign chairman for Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton, were steadily leaked out via WikiLeaks in the months before the election, damaging Clinton's White House effort.

It may have worked, since Clinton's honesty and overall integrity was already questionable, such revelations only did more to damage it.
Obama wants CIA Trump election probe
The US has previously tiptoed around Russia's involvement in the elections, saying the goal was simply to undermine the American electoral system as a whole.

New evidence to support its claims. But the CIA presented the growing body of evidence during a secret meeting with a number of senators last week, with officials saying it had become 'quite clear' that the Russians were supporting a Trump victory.
One final effort to end the fairytale run. Barack Obama, meanwhile, is pushing for a full review to be completed before Trump's inauguration.

Source: Dailymail


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