Fleeing ISIS disguise as women in Monsul to escape capture

- 12/04/2016
Those who inflict fear and pain on others, usually become cowards when faced with a fraction of the same torment.
Isis disguise as women
ISIS disguised as women to eascape capture in Monsul. The fleeing terrorist became experts in drag makeovers when confronted with capture or death. They are now resorting to ever more outlandish women’s outfits including full make-up, wigs and even padded bras in a bid to escape– some of the disguises are simply hilarious—and quite frankly, did not fool anyone.

The Jihadists – who pledged to be a fighting a holy war where martyrdom was their sole aim – are now scrambling to escape in droves.
Isis escape capture in Monsul

Isis flee Monsul
In desperation, some are shaving off their beards and donning women’s clothes with the result that they look more like Pantomime dames then convincing females.

In one bizzare case, one shame-faced soldier captured by Iraqi forces in Monsul ,had slapped on a face full of make-up complete with red lipstick and heavy eye shadow!

Don't forget those lady-like curves.As a finishing touch, he’d also managed to get hold of a bobbed wig and padded lacy white bra to try and give him those all-important feminine curves.
Isis terrorists captured
Hairy chest. Sadly, he’d neglected to shave off his chest hair which was clearly visible through his cream-coloured ladies vest.
In another case, one had been captured in full-length black traditional Islamic clothing and sporting a fetching blue handbag.

Yet another had been picked up by a patrol wearing red velvet clothes – but he forgot to shave off his  beard.

Two young fighters looked particularly shame-faced in their head scarves. And a trio of ISIS men had tried to pass themselves off as a family group – with ‘mum’ in an electric blue outfit.
As serious as the situation in Monsul is, these ridiculous disguises worn by ISIS cast a hilarious glare on a city that has seen untold anguish at the hands of the terror group.


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