Former Delta state governor James Ibori freed from prison after 6 years

- 12/22/2016
Nigerians have mixed feelings as James Ibori is freed from a UK Prison after serving 6 years of a 13 year sentence.He was incarcerated  for a multi-million pound money laundering crime. 
James Ibori freed from prison
The Convicted fraudster and former Delta state  governor Ibori has been released, despite attempts by the home secretary to detain him in prison for longer.
Coming back to Nigeria.He was due for release on Tuesday, having agreed to be deported after serving half of his 13-year sentence.

Millions of the stolen money is still unaccounted for. And it has now emerged that the Home Secretary, Amber Rudd did not intend to deport Ibori to Nigeria until he handed over £18m of "proceeds of crime".

Time to go. The Judge was not in support of holding him in jail any no longer. The U K High Court judge said attempts to detain him were—in his words:  "quite extraordinary".

Back to face his own people. Ordering Ibori to be immediately freed from prison, Mrs Justice May said: "You don't hold someone just because it is convenient to do so and without plans to deport them."

Ibori who once worked in the UK as a London DIY store cashier, was jailed for fraud totalling nearly a mind jarring £50m in April 2012.

Evasive fugitive on the run from two countries.He evaded capture in Nigeria after a mob of supporters attacked police but was arrested in Dubai in 2010 and extradited to the UK - where he was prosecuted based on evidence from the Metropolitan Police.
He has since served a sentence of 6 years. 

For The troubled former governor Ibori, coming back home to Nigeria during President Buhari's anti-corruption campaign, may spell only more bad news for the former fugitive.


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