Hero 10 year old boy helps save survivors of Colombia plane crash

- 12/01/2016
Pain and tragedy of such magnitude as the Chapecoense plane crash can hardly be eased by anything.

Mass death from the air disaster which claimed 71 lives has sent waves of  anguish across the world.

Colombia plane crash tragedy

 Chapecoense football team plane crash
It has emerged that in the midst of the dead and dying, a hero 10 year old boy helped revue survivors from the doomed plane.

The boy has been hailed as brave after he directed the first rescuers on the scene of the Colombia plane crash to the wreckage.

LaMia Flight 2933 plunged into mountains just 30km from its final destination of Medellin airport yesterday.

Almost all aboard were wiped out. A total of 71 people were killed - including the majority of Brazilian football team Chapecoense - and just six people survived.

But rescuers have today credited the young Colombian boy with helping to save lives.

Rescue worker Sergio Marulanda was one of the first on the scene and said the young boy approached him soon after he arrived.

He says the little boy directed him to the injured people and even helped them to pull footballer Alan Ruschel away from the wreckage. An act of bravery that belied his tender years.
In the words of recuer Mr Marulanda to Sport.es:

“When we parked, a child came and told us where the wounded were located.

"A policeman told me 'You're the first to arrive, put the child in the truck and go to collect the wounded'."
Six lucky survivors of Colombia plane crash
Survivors gave harrowing accounts of the final moments before the crash. Crew member Erwin Tumiri told today how passengers were left terrified as the plane began to plummet to the ground.

He said: "I saved myself because I followed the emergency protocol, putting bags between my legs and put myself in the fetal position.

"I also saw how many passengers rose and began to scream."

Another crash survivor Air stewardess Ximena Suarez, who was found hours after the crash near the wreckage, also described the horrifying moment the plane crashed to the ground.

Speaking to newspaper El Colombiano, she said: "The plane went out completely and had a sharp decline, followed by a big impact.”
Seventy-one of those board - including players from Chapecoense FC and twenty journalists - were killed.

One of the survivors died in hospital.


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