Italian news broadcaster exposes her underwear on television

- 12/25/2016
Wardrobe malfunctions have become quite a media buzz these days. Some are clearly well planned, deliberate acts, while others are just unfortunate incidents that usually cause great embarrassment to those involved.
Female broadcaster wardrobe malfunction
Recently, a 38-years-old Italian broadcaster exposed her underwear during a television news broadcast.

Costanza Calabrese, revealed more than she intended to on Television while reading the late night news.

Late night viewers got an eyefull when the journalist unwittingly exposed her under garments. It would have been like every other night reading the news for Costanza, except that the unsuspecting woman spread her thighs apart, forgetting that the table she was sitting at is made of glass and reveals everything.

The video was shared by a viewer on YouTube and has gained massive viewing.
Yes, this sort of news sure travels fast.

Some people have wondered why her producers did not call her attention to the error. Since she was clearly unaware of her circumstances.

Calling her attention to it would have saved her a lot of heartache. 

Well they wanted news—they got it.


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