Missing Greek Ambassador to Brazil found dead in burnt car

- 12/30/2016
The mysterious circumstances that led to the death of the diplomat has baffled investigators. But one thing is crystal clear—He was murdered.
Greek ambassador death
After a four day disappearance, a charred body discovered in a burned-out car is now believed to be that of missing Greek ambassador to Brazil, Kyriakos Amiridis.

59 year old Amiridis disappeared without a trace of Monday when he left a family party and never returned.

The ambassador’s cheating wife reported him missing on Wednesday.

But she is currently one of the major suspects in his death. Yes, sadly she was having an affair and it appeared he had caught her with her lover.

All these make for an edgy case. According to local television station Globo TV, she and the police officer she was romantically involved with are suspects in what is now being treated as a murder case.
Missing Greek ambassador to Brazil found dead
The dead diplomats body was discovered in a burned-out car that matched the description of the car he rented. 

Images of the burned-out white vehicle at the bottom of a hill n the Nova Iguacu neighhourhood, have been circulating online.

It is alleged that the number plate on the car matches that of Amiridis’ rental vehicle.

But it has emerged that he didn't die in the car. He is believed to have been murdered at his home, where blood was found on a sofa.

The police have continued with their investigation.


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