Nigerian singer Tiwa Savage and TeeBillz trying to fix their marriage

- 12/11/2016
After so much bad publicity Singer Tiwa Savage and Teebillz are trying to fix their marriage.

Nigerians were shocked several months ago when Tiwa's husband attempted to commit suicide by jumping off a bridge in Lagos.
Tiwa savage and Teebillz marriage
Tiwa savage and Teebillz 
He may have even succeeded if not for the lucky intervention of some Nigerian artistes.

It was probably at that point that Nigerian music fans realized how bad things actually were between the popular couple.

The bitter Teebillz accused his famous Nigerian musician wife of being so engrossed in her career that she neglected him and their marriage. He even hinted at illicit affairs she may have had with other men in the music industry.

Well of course these claims have not been substantiated. But during the turmoil, it also emerged that her husband had his own extreme vices; including Affairs with other women, and hard drugs— which many eventually connected to his frustration, depression and attempted suicide.

But it appears that both have finally cooled off.  They are now working on their marriage. The two who went their separate ways earlier this year after almost two years of marriage, are said to be undergoing counseling.
They were recently spotted together at a private birthday party of another celebrity. Tiwa and Teebillz came together and left together. So don't be surprised when you hear that they are back together. Love always wins! Right?...only when you give it a chance.

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