Sweet teenager tortured and starved to death by parents

- 12/12/2016
In an act of pure evil, a teenager was tortured and starved to death by her own parents in an incident that has boggled the minds of many around the world.
Natalie Finn murdered by parents
Natalie Finn
Its almost impossible to believe the kind of cruelty human beings inflict on each other  without remorse.

But parents carrying out inhumane acts on their own children is the most heart wrenching of all.  

According to Authorities, 16 year old Natalie Finn died from emaciation due to denial of critical care by her own parents. In other words, they starved her to death. 

Her monster parents Joseph Michael Finn II, 42, and Nicole Marie Finn, also 42, have been hit with a number of charges in relation to her death, including causing serious injury and neglect of a dependent person.

Her mother—if you can call her that, Nicole Finn was also charged with first degree murder and child endangerment causing death.
Parents starve teenage daughter to death
Court documents alleged Natalie Finn killed Natalie ‘intentionally, willfully, deliberately, with premeditation and malice aforethought.’

Apart from her, the heartless Finns also allegedly locked their daughter, her 15-year-old brother and 14-year-old sister in the house to suffer the same treatment.

The report claimed all of the children had been physically, emotionally and mentally damaged as a result of being deprived of a number of things, including food and health care.
It added the parents used ‘unreasonable force, torture or cruelty’.

Her death exposed her parents to the law. Police opened an investigation after Natalie suffered a cardiac arrest, and died later in hospital.

The late teen who wasn't  even enrolled in school,  was described by neighbors who had minimal contact with her as sweet and outgoing.


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