Woman in Afghanistan beheaded for going shopping without her husband

- 12/28/2016
Wonders are endless and often mind blowing. And certain incidents—when we hear them, often cause us to question the dark nature of man.

Recently, a 30-year-old woman beheaded in Afghanistan , was targeted by a group of armed men in Latti, Sar-e-Pul. Her crime—she had gone shopping without a man beside her. 
Married woman beheaded in Afghanistan
An action forbidden in the area, and one that carries the stiffest of penalties for the law breaker.

The area is a remote part of Taliban controlled Afghanistan.
Her husband had been away at the time. Zabiullah Amani, provincial governor spokesperson said the woman was likely beheaded because she’d made the journey unaccompanied by her husband, who was in Iran at the time of the horrifying attack.

Harsh rules for women—But rules that must be adhered to. According to Taliban rules, women are strictly prohibited from leaving their home unless accompanied by a man, usually a husband or relative.

Women are often also banned from working in areas controlled by the jihadi group.

Death can be often Swift for those who break the law. Earlier this month, reports suggested five female Afghan guards were shot by gunmen while on their way to work in the airport in southern Kandahar.

The Afghan woman beheaded was one of numerous cases in Afghanistan‘s long history.


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