Brad Pitt finally throws Angelina Jolie's stuff out

- 1/31/2017
It has not been an easy period for the actor. In fact the Allied star probably endured the worst holiday of his life without Angie or the Kids. 

That is what happens when a fairytale bubble bursts. 
Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie divorce drama

Moving on can be tough,  but as Brad Pitt throws out Angelina's stuff from their home, it appears that he has finally taken the first steps to move on. 

It may have happened four months ago, but we’re still in mourning over the shock breakup of Hollywood heavyweights Brad and Angelina. But now it seems Brad is finally  moving on! 

The 53-year-old actor has been spotted throwing truckloads of furniture out of the Los Angeles home that he shared with Ange and their six kids. It must be painful living around all that stuff.
And this ain’t any old spring clean! Sources close to the actor claim that Brad is actually purging the house of anything that reminds him of his ex.

The star is decluttering after becoming sick of seeing Angelina’s decorative touches around the house, Radar Online reports.

“Brad doesn't need all of Angelina’s stuff - things like rugs from the Far East, weird ornaments and blankets - and various pieces of furniture which they bought as a couple,” a source told the publication.

“He's downsizing on a lot of things that has accumulated over time.” Hmm, someone’s clearly just read The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up!
Actor Brad Pitt throws out Angelina Jolie's things
Recent reports claim that 41-year-old Ange is “regretting” filing for divorce and rumours are circulating that Brad is having a hot fling with Kate Hudson.

The Maleficent actress, according to insiders,  has been calling Brad to tell him how much she loves and misses him. 

It seems that in this high-profile Tinseltown break-up, Brad is coming out on top. Your move, Jolie!

Meanwhile Jolie's dad actor John Voight says he is still rooting for the couple to get back together.

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