Celebrity Model dies during liposuction surgery in Guatemala doctor flees

- 1/06/2017
It was supposed to be a routine surgical operation to reduce fat, but it quickly turned deadly and claimed a young and beautiful life. 

Guatemalan authorities are investigating a suspicious death as a young model dies during liposuction surgery at a private clinic. 
Model dies during liposuction surgery
Melanie Montenegro 
Being a modelt,  she decided to improve on her already stunning looks. Melanie Montenegro, 22, had travelled to the city of Guayaquil, in the south-western Ecuadorian province of Guayas, one of the biggest cities in Ecuador, to undergo liposuction in a clinic owned by a surgeon named Dr Felipe.

She never made it out of the clinic.The next day, according to police, the Celebrity model's death came when she suffered a heart attack while undergoing surgery.

The incident was made even more disturbing when the surgeon responsible vanished.

According to Edwin Montenegro, the tragic models father, they were informed that his daughter was dead via a telephone call from the owner of the clinic.

A case of human error? Pure negligence or even incompetence. The doctor explained that his medical team had not been informed that she was allergic to one of the medicines used during surgery.

She never told her family she was going for surgery.The father had not even realised his daughter was going to undergo an operation, and blamed her death on the  misleading TV adverts offering low-cost surgery.

A promising future of an ambitious woman cut short.  Melanie Montenegro was the mother of a three-year-old girl and was a minor celebrity by working in a soap opera broadcast on YouTube.
Guatemala model Melanie Montenegro liposuction death
She was a student who ran her own business. She was studying journalism and theatre and had an event management company.

Her death has shocked netizens and has been widely discussed in the country. Actress Gabriela Ruiz and actor Daniel Machado have called on their social media profiles for the surgeon to be found.
In a posting they said: 'It looks as if the surgeon delayed informing anyone about her death to give himself time to escape.'

Foul play is not being written off and Police are still searching for the surgeon.

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